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Prime Waterproof Flooring

By combining waterproof innovations, durability, easy installation and comfort, Prime Waterproof Flooring creates the perfect choice of floor. The vinyl planks are easy to clean, and stain-resistant and can be easily installed even over heated floors of a home.They are fresh feel and very clean which is ideal for many home floor spaces.

Using AquaShield Core - a waterproofing membrane- the vinyl planks blocks water damage without affecting the flexibility of a floor. AquaShield Core is to make roofingmaterials waterproof while protecting the floors of home. This flooring is offered in a variety of stunning colors, and it ensures no major water spill spoils the floor, when installed in bathroom and kitchen.

For a hardwood look for bedroom or living room, Prime Waterproof Flooring is a perfect solution for complete relaxation in the space enjoyed most by the occupant. Go choosing varied styles of vinyl planks which include Luxury Vinyl Prime Waterproof Flooring Old Virginian – Walnut, luxury-vinyl-prime-waterproof-flooring-tree-bark-oak,Luxury Vinyl Prime Waterproof Flooring Tree Bark – Oak, luxury-vinyl-prime-waterproof-flooring-bronze-beauty-acacia, Luxury Vinyl Prime Waterproof Flooring Sierra Brown – Acacia.